Wednesday, July 21, 2010

P.S- You killed me

She sat in her bedroom with a dead look in the eye and blood on her hands, her house was quiet now and there was no motion in the house when she stood up with her new discovered powers . It was raining heavily when she stepped outside her door , she spread her hands , closed her eyes and let the blood on her hands wash away as she breathed heavily and when she opened her eyes there was a child looking at her, she looked at him smiling and said “don’t grow up to be like him” .when she went inside , she went to the bedroom again where blood was everywhere and dragged the body to the kitchen .

She began to dry herself and change her clothes , she took of her dark shirt and loose pants, she looked at herself in the mirror and slowly looked at her old and fresh bruises which were hidden not from society but friends , she wore her new sari and jewelry . She looked at herself, smiled and said “no more misery” when the doorbell rang to her surprise, it was the same ten year old child whom she warned, looking at her with big eyes and asking “Bhabi are you okay”. She asked him to come inside and told him to sit on the sofa while she made him a sandwich while sharing the kitchen with dead body, the child asked about jasmine and she told him that she was with a friend as she was being very difficult to look after lately . After finishing the sandwich the child looked at her with a smile and said “you are my favorite bhabi in the whole colony ” , she smiled and said “I am going to my distant cousins place for a long vacation and might not come back for years”, the child’s smile disappeared and he said “I am sorry that bhaiya shouts at you, my mom says it’s because you don’t share your toys with him” he smiled and said “ I will share my toys with you then you don’t have to go” . she smiled at him hugged him tight and told him that she loves him and that now he must go , he got up to leave when she called his name and said “ I will miss you when I am there ,take care of your mom and tell her that I won’t share my toys with your bhaiya because he always breaks them and doesn’t say sorry” , she looked at him straight in the eyes and said “don’t become your bhaiya” , he didn’t know what she meant but he liked her hug today it was as if she would never ever meet him again. He smiled and went outside as she watched him and then she turned around and went to the kitchen , she took a deep breath , called the police and told them about two gunshots being heard in her house and hung up .

It was all dark now and the police was everywhere in her house , her husband came to the house at the usual time and was surprised to see police and demanded information . He walked inside his house and was handed out a note that was addressed to him then the police which read “ I cannot do this anymore , I am not going to get beaten up every day because you had a bad day , I killed your favorite jasmine because I wanted you to feel the pain that you caused me and I want you to know she howled very bad when I shot her , you treated me like the dog when she was the one and now I kill myself because I killed an innocent animal and because I can’t kill you , you made my life miserable and you are the reason I am not alive anymore”. He read the letter and asked the policemen about the bodies and when he saw the body it was a bloodbath , she was lying on the sofa with a half blown head and jasmine lay down with a bullet in the chest and he sat there motionless not knowing what to do and asked himself “was being human so difficult that he was a demon to her”.


  1. I like the concept and love the last line. :)

    What I don't understand is that your dialogues are more powerful than the narrative itself, then why didn't you use them more?

  2. I did not write it keeping in mind the specific limit of the dialog maybe thats y :P