Thursday, May 21, 2009


I was born an angel but they cut my wings,
they told me i wasn't an angel at all
all i wanted to do was fly but all i did was fall
because they cut my wings

i wanted to fly so high that no one could touch me
, all i could feel was the sky as i flew high
but all i did was cry because they cut my wings

all of it was a lie,
they told me i couldnt fly

they told me i would serve the beast
as he could only fend me from other beasts,
who wer not diffrent from wat he was
they made me believe all of them were born deceivers

they made me believe that one day i will say
' i loved the beast all i could but he leaft me for another angel

' he told me he couldnt stand me anymore
as i wasnt young or beautiful anymore
of these wrinkles and therefore
he left me and i dont need him anymore'
all these things they told me which were my future
but with faith in my heart i knew it wouldnt be true
and one day i would find him and he would find me to

so i waited and waited, now i am complete
because ive found the man who makes me feel at ease
and gives me my sky , my life and gets me back my wings
and now i fly

now i have an answer to those questiosn which were never asked
by anybody else but my own mind
and now my mind is without a doubt that hes the one
for me forever and now

dedicated to him :)