Saturday, October 9, 2010


when she walks up and down the hall , her smell walks with her . Her hair, wet with years of compromise and love, walk with her . She walks , runs, sits and walks until she is bored, until the sun shines bright .
she can hear the school bus ,hear the foot steps ,walking , running and sitting.Waving , she is happy , smiling and satisfied . She can hear love when she turns around ,smell it and taste it to. Its bye now , smiling, tasting and waving .

Alone now , breathing and living . Satisfied now ? brushing her hair ,out of the tangles .Is she happy now ? living now , washing , cooking and breathing .

Lying down , breathing , smiling . Closed her eyes .

she wakes up, travelling time, breathless , white bed and black flowers . They are there, her years, staring at her .Her hand in his and love in their eyes. They are all there, all her parts , sad and scared. She smells him, tastes him and closes her eyes.

Its goodbye now, smiling, satisfied and breathing, finally now.