Sunday, April 3, 2011

You make me happy ,very happy So happy that I can barely say

Sometimes I feel so happy its very hard to say

Sometimes it takes me two seconds to sway your way

Sometimes the only words that I can say

Are to small

Sometimes I go back to my happy days

Small, fresh trees and smell of Malgudi days

Sometimes I fell moved that I have to pray

So that it does not go away

The life comes up

The happiness wakes up

The water wets the earth

And I smile

The smell of wet earth

Those small mental math questions

That early morning Disney marathon

Make me happy , very happy

The smile , the talk, the walk

The care , the stare, the snare

Makes me happy

You ask the questions

You care to much

You shout, you scream

You buy me ice cream

You make me cry

Then lament yourself

You think its funny when I snare

I know , when you look

And I know when you stare

I really like you , you are funny

You make me smile when I cry

And cry when I smile

you make me wait for an hour

but when you come

its never awhile

You smell like happiness

I like your eyes

You taste of love

And I like your eyes

You make me happy very happy

So happy that I can barely say

These words aren’t enough ,

My stomach , still butterflies

Whenever, I see you

Its always smiles

Its no end now

No words are enough

I can write these lines

On a paper without ink

I smell you, when I cry

When I feel low, I miss you

I love you ,when you are not there

And I miss you very much

When I am alone and scared

You make me happy ,very happy

So happy that I can barely say