Monday, May 24, 2010

I am a Damsel

You can tell me I am wrong

And Prove it with your lies

You can talk behind my back

Call me names and criticize

You can make fun of me

About us, him and I

You can even take pleasure in it if you like

But don’t take your stupidity in your stride

‘It’s easier said than done’ always remember these lines

I am sorry about my mistakes I know I let it by

But you should know I am Damsel , I don’t fight but surprise

Surprise you with my strength to sit quiet when you scream

Just because I don’t shout don’t think I can’t be mean

You had your chance and now I have mine

I hope you don’t go through what I went

Because it’s depressing to have a foe underneath a friend

Depressing to see what you have become because of a person who barely cares

Don’t feel sad when you will be used with the same snare

Fortunate of me that I got to know before I fell

That real friends don’t gossip ,but they tell

Sad for you I won’t give up cause I am better than that

Remember me , I am a damsel I don’t fight but surprise

Do you feel irritated to see me so cool and calm

Cause I make you feel foolish and sweaty your palm

I told you , I am not scared

You can’t shake a damsel with just pure hate

Cause when you see me and talk

A Damsel will smile and just walk